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Full Name: CATHERINE Adele Nelly

Age: 21

Job Eperience Description: Librarian at the Adventist college for 9 months; salesgirl at the Craft market Caudan Water front and Island Dubbing Mauritius. 

Job Profile: I am a dynamic, hard-working, contact-easy and outgoing person, seeking a position that will allow me to wisely use my potential as contribution and skills. I speak fluent English and French and I am a fast learner, willing to learn new skills and discover new horizons. I am very friendly, sociable and willing to give the best of myself in all enterprises. I have acquired communication, organisational, interpersonal and leadership skills thanks to the various activities and employments I have had the opportunity to do.

Adress: 31,Colombia street, Morcellement La Comete Roches Brunes Beau Bassin


Date: 7/06/2013





Full Name: Louise Giblot Ducray

Job Eperience Description: Sales executives for the real estate Property Mauritius Ltd. 
Sales and Marketing excutives for the company Health Solutions Ltd. 
Sales and Marketing executives for the company Associated Textiles Services Ltd.
Marketing and communication officer for the restaurant - Guest house La Marmite des Iles in Rodrigues.

Job Profile: I gained a lot of experience over the past years in different sectors - marketing, management, and communication.

Adress: No 3, Coastal road, Roches Noires


Date: 3/21/2013





Full Name: Fabrice MALIE

Job Eperience Description: I have carried work placements in the medtech sector,and would ideally work as a product manager.

Qualification: Msc Health Management

Adresse: 8 Mere Theresa St R Brunes R Hill


Date: 12/06/2012



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